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Nicole’s vast experience in musical education ranges from working with the youngest of children on up to teenagers and adult professionals. This has made it possible for the Swiss educationalist to develop a musical development that is adapted to the age and the maturity of the individual, thereby revealing the entire human dimension in the music. This philosophy, in connecting with the fundamental nature of the human being, also includes musical and artistic work with disabled people.



Born in 1962 Nicole is a Swiss musician educator and professor. She has developed her own philosophy based on active musical pedagogies, mainly those of Orff and Willems, however Kodaly, Martenot, and Dalcroze also play a part her approach. Her research has led her to work personally with Prof. Tomatis. Her interests are broad and they include Garanderie, therapy, kinesiology, the Baschet structures, and ethnic music.

Poetry represents for her a deep creation resource, in the interaction of concepts melting poetry and music, which she interprets with connivance with the musicians.  Her sensibility and her conviction of the deep authentic message of the musics from the world inspires her in the development of innovative concepts. Most of her poems were published in collections. She also investigates poetry in audivisual art.

In 1997 she founded her own music school "One, Two, Three, Musics...", in Sion, Switzerland. Her school is based on musical education that favors creative and artistic expression. In collaboration with numerous teachers the emphasis is put on the relationship between music, art and the individual, a philosophy of the music and its humanity.

One noteworthy result of this process is the "4Ygrecs" quartet whose music is distinctive in its artistic orientation in eclectic percussions.


Nicole’s participation in the development of pedagogical projects has led her to collaborate with the renowned violonist Shlomo Mintz. Together they created a “Children Jury” whose world premiere took place in 2003 as a part of the international violin contest held in Sion, Switzerland.

With a concern to pass on musical arts to future generations, she also created “Ateliers de culture musicale et artistique” (ACMA) or "Workshops of musical and artistic culture". In partnership with young people ACMA is designed to develop responsibility for artistic culture amongst the young in transmitting this concern to both younger and older generations.

Her philosophic, artistic or poetic reflections which she shares with great personalities as Gary Hoffman and Ivry Gitlis, concert performers and educators, as well as with the composer and artist Arthur Thomassin contribute to the development of her numerous projects.

She is also involved in projects with other great international musicians and teachers such as the Conductor Francesc Llongueres, ancient assistant of Celibidache and Guido Margaria, concert-guitarist, holder of the chair of guitar in Alessandria (I) and author of pedagogical writings.





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Pedagogical Responsibilities

Main educational training

 "Moyens solfégiques Martenot" (Martenot Music Notation)

 "Education musicale Kodaly" (Kodaly Music Education)

 "L'instrumentarium Orff" (Orff Instumentarium)

 "L'expression corporelle Dalcroze" (Dalcroze Corporal Expression)

 "Peinture Arno Stern" (Arno Stern Painting)

 "La musique à l'école enfantine" (Music in Kindergarten)

 "Rythmique E-Jaques Dalcroze" (E-Jaques Dalcroze Eurhythmics)

 "Techniques de communication" (Communication Techniques)

 "Cours de sensibilisation à la méthode Tomatis" (Courses on sensitizing according to the Tomatis method)

 "Mime Amiel" (Amiel Mime)

 "Cours audio-vocal Tomatis, travail de la voix parlée et chantée"

 "Tomatis audio vocal courses, work on the speaking and the singing voice)

 "Pédagogie musicale active Orff - Maternelle" (Orff Active Music Education – Maternal)

 "Les débuts en musique" (Early Musical Development)

 "Orff : Eveil musical et petit enfant" (Orff: Musical Awakening in the Small Child)

 "La Pédagogie Orff à tout âge" (Orff Learning At All Ages)

 "Orff : Musiques du monde" (Orff: World Music)

 "Structures sonores Baschet" (Baschet Sonoric Structures)

 "Orff : Musique, Mouvement, Art et Pédagogie I" (Orff: Music, Movement, Art & Learning I)

 "Orff : Percussions du monde" (Orff: World Percussions)

 "Orff : Danses du monde" (Orff: World Dance)

 "Orff : Musique, Mouvement, Art et Pédagogie II" (Orff: Music, Movement, Art & Learning II)

 "Pédagogie musicale active Orff III" (Active Music Education Orff III)

 "Orff : Audition musicale active" (Orff: Active Music Audition)

 "EPTA : Grands pianistes" (EPTA: Great Pianists)

 "L'instrument dans la pédagogie Orff" (The Instrument in Orff Music Education)

 "Orff : Contenu, déroulement, structure d'un atelier enfant" (Orff: Content, running of, and structure of a children’s workshop)

 "Pédagogie musicale active Orff V" (Acive Music Education Orff V)

 "Programmation neuro-linguistique" (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

 "IGMF : Music and Movement"

 "Musique, Mouvement, Art et Pédagogie III" (Music, Movement, Art and Education III)

 "Gestion mentale La Garanderie" (La Garanderie Mental Management)

 "Le mouvement dans la pédagogie Orff" (Movement in Orff Education)

 "L'harmonie élémentaire dans la pédagogie Orff" (Basic Harmony in Orff Education)

 "Pédagogie musicale active Orff I" (Active Music Education Orff I)

 "Chant choral Enfants et adolescents" (Choral Singing for Children and Teenagers)

 "Percussions de Strasbourg" (Strasbourg Percussions)

 "Pédagogie musicale active Orff  II" (Active Music Education Orff II)

 "Orff : Eveil musical et corporel du tout-petit" (Orff: Musical and Corporal Awakening in the Small Child)

 "Brain gym"

 "Geste instrumental - timbre - processus d'apprentissage" (Instrument Gesture – Timber – the Learning Process)

 "ADEM : Chanter-jouer-danser" (ADEM: Sing—Play—Dance)


 "Shakespeare et la force de la musique"

 "Musique des caraïbes"

 "Gamelan - musique indonésienne"  

"Arts d''Arménie "  

"Percussions et poésie iraniennes"  



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