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    The Children Jury

A Children jury created by Nicole Coppey for the International Violin Competition of Sion-Valais, beside the International Jury presided by Maestro Shlomo Mintz

The “Un, Deux, Trois, Musiques...” school attached a Children Jury in the International Violin Competition of Sion –Valais. The Children jury is designed to judge the top level competition participants in conjunction with the International Jury. This formula was a success the first time it was introduced to the competition in a world premier in 2003 and was renewed for the following years.

The mission of the Children Jury is to give a diagonal perspective to the performances of the competition participants; this perspective is the child’s one of sensitivity, musicality, expressiveness, imagination and creativity. Above and beyond the musical, the technical and the artistic performance, this appeal to the receptivity of children provides a spontaneous scrutiny of the performances of the youthful candidates of the International Violin Competition, and in the process they provide an appreciation of the communicability of the work and the ambiance that has been conveyed in the performance.






 The prize winners of the Children's award

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 Liza Ferschtman
Holland 2003

 Haik Kazazyan
Armenien 2004

 Nadja Nevolovitch
Germany 2005

 Ari Isaacman-Beck
USA 2006
 Sergey Tsoy
Russia 2007

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